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Products are manufactured upon order, in house

Since batteries are perishable, many Unipower products are manufactured upon order. That doesn’t mean there’s a long wait time to receive your order—we manufacture almost all products in house, so we can make exactly what you need, when you need it. As a manufacturer, Unipower is uniquely qualified with deep product knowledge, and ready to support you if you have questions or need help.
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Rigorous quality testing results in proven performance

You know a good product when you see one, but sometimes what you can see isn’t enough. That’s why in addition to visual inspection, Unipower quality-control standards include pre-shipment testing and comparison to nominal, plus random-load and cycle testing.
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Commitment to quality is guaranteed

Unipower stands behind the products you choose with the industry-leading First Response Guarantee, which:
  • Warrants products purchased from Unipower are free from defects in material and workmanship for up to 16 months from sale. Read full details of the best warranty in the business.
  • Adds a free recycling program that includes proper disposal of discarded batteries that are shipped back to us.
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