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Website Accessibility Statement

Assistance in Accessing Our Website

If you have any difficulty using this website or any Unipower Catalogs, reference materials or safety information, please Contact Us and we will provide the information you seek through a communication method that is accessible for you consistent with applicable law.

We Support Accessibility for All

Unipower strives to promote accessibility and inclusion for all our customers, and to provide a positive customer experience in every customer interaction. Our goal is to provide a website that allows all of our customers an equal opportunity to gather information and conduct business.

Our Actions

Unipower has devoted resources to take active steps to ensure the accessibility of our website, catalogs, reference materials and safety information.

Our Continued Commitment

Unipower views accessibility as an ongoing effort. Please contact us if any portion of our website fails to meet your requirements for accessibility.


Please contact us with any feedback or suggestions to improve the accessibility of our website, catalogs, reference materials or safety information.